Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.


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4G camera bird control laser for scaring birds

The 4G camera bird control laser is an advanced and innovative solution designed specifically for modern farming practices. This cutting-edge system integrates a high-resolution 4G camera with bird control capabilities, making it a reliable and efficient tool for continuous monitoring and bird deterrence.

With its full-time 4G connectivity, the camera enables seamless and real-time monitoring of bird activity across agricultural areas. This feature allows farmers to remotely observe and assess potential threats posed by birds to their crops, ensuring timely intervention when necessary.

The bird control laser function of the system utilizes laser technology to effectively scare birds away from the protected areas. By emitting laser beams that birds perceive as a threat, the system creates a deterrent effect, discouraging them from approaching or causing damage to the crops.

This comprehensive bird control system is a perfect partner for modern agriculture, offering a combination of advanced technology, convenience, and efficiency. Farmers can rely on this 4G camera bird control laser to safeguard their crops, reduce losses caused by bird damage, and promote a more sustainable farming environment.

How to effectively get rid of bird nuisance?

Laser Bird Deterrent | 4G camera bird control laser - Bird deterrent - bird repellent - bird scarers

Birds problems

There is nothing more frustrating than your farm being raided by every passing bird species. This laser bird deterrent is the perfect solution for all your bird problems. It is humane, easy-to-install, and does not harm any other animal. The laser beam works by refracting to create a dazzling light which scares birds away and stops them from coming back to your land.

Birds are one of the issues that cannot be ignored in global agriculture. Due to the destruction of birds, the loss of yield may be more than 10%. At the same time, it is almost impossible to eradicate birds in the open farmland, and you can only choose professional bird repellent methods.

Do lasers work for bird control? Laser bird deterrent is the most efficient, professional and environmental-friendly bird deterrent with 4G camera, bird control and laser. It's a good choice for people who have big garden & farm, golf courses, orchards, or any places to keep birds away because laser causes no harm to birds .

Automatic monitoring laser bird scarer WALL-D

Automatic monitoring laser bird scarer WALL-D:

- Model: WALL-D

- Laser Power: 500mW/1W

- Coverage: 200~2000m

- Application:



  Poultry & Dairy farm





  Renewable Energy

The WALL-D 4G Camera Bird Control Laser deterrent is an innovative and cutting-edge solution designed to effectively and humanely address bird control issues on farms and various other properties. This advanced system combines the power of a laser for scaring birds with continuous monitoring through a 4G camera, providing real-time feedback and control.

The 4G camera component of the WALL-D system plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient bird control. By utilizing the high-speed connectivity of 4G networks, the camera is capable of transmitting live images directly to your phone or computer. This enables you to monitor bird activity on your property from anywhere, at any time. The real-time visuals allow you to observe the birds in action and make necessary adjustments to the laser beam as needed.

The bird control laser itself is a highly effective tool for scaring birds away. With a range of up to 1000 feet, it provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of properties, including farms, gardens, golf courses, and more. The laser emits a bright beam of light that creates a visual disturbance for birds, simulating a threat and prompting them to flee the area. This deterrent effect helps to prevent bird damage to crops, gardens, and other valuable assets.

One of the significant advantages of using lasers for bird control is their versatility and adaptability to different settings. The WALL-D system can be easily installed and configured to suit the specific needs of your property. Whether you have a small garden or a vast farm, the laser can be adjusted to cover the desired area effectively. This flexibility allows you to tailor the bird control measures to your specific requirements.

In addition to its effectiveness, the WALL-D 4G Camera Bird Control Laser deterrent is designed with a focus on animal welfare. The laser beam does not cause harm to birds or any other animals. It simply creates a visual disturbance that startles and deters birds, encouraging them to find safer locations away from the protected area. This humane approach ensures that bird control is achieved without causing unnecessary harm or distress to the wildlife.

Moreover, the integration of the 4G camera in the WALL-D system provides numerous benefits beyond bird control. The real-time monitoring capabilities allow you to detect and respond to bird activity promptly. By staying informed about bird patterns and behavior on your property, you can implement proactive measures to prevent potential damage before it occurs. This proactive approach can save time, effort, and resources in the long run.

Furthermore, the ability to remotely access the 4G camera feed adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility. Whether you are on-site or away, you can conveniently view the live images on your phone or computer, keeping you connected and informed at all times. This feature is particularly valuable for large-scale operations or properties that require constant monitoring.

Now, let's address the question: "Do lasers work for bird control?" Laser bird deterrents have been widely recognized as an effective method for scaring birds away. The laser beam creates a visual disturbance that triggers the birds' instinctual flight response, effectively deterring them from the protected area. 

What can WALL-D do for you?


Power supply for different application

  • 4G camera bird control laser for scaring birds
    110~240V AC power
  • 4G camera bird control laser for scaring birds
    Solar panel

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“The handheld model is perfect at 300 meters at day, I’m pretty satisfied!”

- Miller,G

“Since last year, we started to use WALL-A for our poultry farm, now we don’t have black birds now, very reliable product and service!”

- Tomas,D

“ Dealing with WALL series products is a great thing, we solve problems, bring benefit, very good cooperate partner! ”

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