Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.


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Handheld laser pointer birds protecting orchard

WALL-B, the ultimate instant laser bird scarer. With its powerful green laser beam, it effectively deters birds and keeps them away. Whether you have an orchard, berry farm, vineyard, or any other application, WALL-B is suitable for your bird control needs. Say goodbye to traditional bird scarers and explore the efficiency of laser bird deterrent technology. WALL-B serves as a handheld laser bird deterrent, providing a convenient and effective solution. Don't let birds disrupt your operations any longer. Invest in WALL-B, the handheld laser bird scarer, and enjoy a bird-free environment.

How to effectively get rid of bird nuisance?

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Birds problems

Whether the orchard is planted apples, grapes, pears, cherries, persimmons, or other fruits, it is impossible to prevent being eaten by birds and pecked throughout the ripening phase, resulting in decreased yield and quality, as well as significant economic losses. At the same time, in addition to the fruit damage caused by the finches' direct pecking, the bacteria that thrive in the pecking wound also produce pests and illnesses.

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B:

- Model: WALL-B

- Laser Power: 500mW

- Coverage: 100~500m

- Power: 1x18650 lithium battery

- Application: Portable design, ideal for short distance bird control, especially airport, house, building, garden.



  Poultry & Dairy farm





  Renewable Energy

When it comes to bird control, the WALL-B handheld laser bird repellent is a reliable and effective solution. This innovative device utilizes a green laser beam to create discomfort for birds, prompting them to fly away immediately. The unique feature of WALL-B is its ability to prevent birds from adapting to the green laser, ensuring its long-term effectiveness.

With two laser emission modes to choose from, WALL-B offers flexibility in bird control. Whether you need a continuous beam or a pulsating pattern, this handheld laser bird deterrent has you covered. Its smart design allows for instant activation, making it a convenient tool for repelling birds whenever needed.

One of the advantages of WALL-B is its portability. The device is designed to be handheld, providing ease of use and maneuverability. You can easily target specific areas or trees where birds tend to gather, effectively protecting your orchard or blueberry farm from bird damage. Additionally, WALL-B comes with a handy portable power supply, including rechargeable batteries and a charger, ensuring continuous operation.

By implementing WALL-B as a laser bird scarer, you can significantly reduce bird damage and losses in your orchard or berry farm. Birds are deterred from landing on fruit trees, preventing them from causing harm and reducing the likelihood of crop loss. This not only protects your harvest but also preserves the overall health and quality of your produce.

The effectiveness of WALL-B lies in its utilization of a green laser beam. Birds are highly sensitive to this specific wavelength of light, causing them to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. The instant response of birds flying away demonstrates the immediate impact of the laser bird deterrent. Unlike traditional bird scarers or physical barriers, the laser beam does not harm the birds but simply creates an environment that they find undesirable.

If you've ever wondered if there is a device to keep birds away, WALL-B is the answer. Its laser pointer for birds effectively repels them, keeping your property bird-free. By implementing this laser bird deterrent, you can avoid the potential damage and nuisance that birds can cause. Say goodbye to bird droppings, nest building, and fruit pecking, and enjoy a more peaceful and productive environment.

Orchard bird control is crucial to ensure the health and productivity of your trees. Birds can wreak havoc on fruit trees, damaging blossoms, fruits, and even the overall structure of the tree. By utilizing the WALL-B handheld laser bird deterrent, you can proactively protect your orchard and maintain a thriving ecosystem. The green laser beam serves as a powerful tool to keep birds at bay, preserving the integrity of your trees and maximizing their yield.

When it comes to blueberry bird deterrent, the WALL-B laser bird repellent is equally effective. Blueberry farms are often attractive to birds due to the abundance of ripe, juicy berries. Protecting your blueberry bushes from birds is essential to ensure a successful harvest. With the WALL-B handheld laser bird deterrent, you can create a bird-free zone around your blueberry bushes, preventing birds from feasting on your precious crop. Say goodbye to losses caused by bird damage and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In conclusion, the WALL-B handheld laser bird repellent provides a flexible, smart, and instant solution for bird control. Its green laser beam effectively deters birds and prevents them from adapting to the deterrent. With its portable design and rechargeable batteries, WALL-B offers convenience and ease of use. Whether you need to protect your orchard, berry farm, or blueberry bushes, this laser bird scarer is a reliable choice. Invest in WALL-B to reduce bird damage and ensure a fruitful and successful harvest.

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“The handheld model is perfect at 300 meters at day, I’m pretty satisfied!”

- Miller,G

“Since last year, we started to use WALL-A for our poultry farm, now we don’t have black birds now, very reliable product and service!”

- Tomas,D

“ Dealing with WALL series products is a great thing, we solve problems, bring benefit, very good cooperate partner! ”

- Bonnie, S


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