Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.


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Laser bird repellent for smart farming bird control

WALL-B is an innovative laser bird repellent device designed specifically for smart farming. This portable and flexible bird control solution utilizes a green laser to effectively deter birds from agricultural areas. Its handheld design enables easy maneuverability and precise targeting, making it a reliable and efficient laser bird deterrent system. WALL-B provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bird repellents, offering farmers an effective tool for protecting their crops. With its advanced laser pest control technology, WALL-B contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring a healthier and more productive agricultural environment.

How to effectively get rid of bird nuisance?

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Birds problems

In year 2017, Over 400 hectares of rice fields at Mkomazi Valley, Same District in Kilimanjaro Region have been damaged by grain eating quelea quelea, leading to fears of poor harvests of the staple cereals. A useful bird deterrent is highly required.

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B:

- Model: WALL-B

- Laser Power: 500mW

- Coverage: 100~500m

- Power: 1x18650 lithium battery

- Application: Portable design, ideal for short distance bird control, especially airport, house, building, garden.



  Poultry & Dairy farm





  Renewable Energy

WALL-B is a cutting-edge laser bird repellent device designed for smart farming applications. Its primary function is to effectively control bird populations and protect agricultural crops. This innovative handheld device emits a powerful green laser beam that creates an uncomfortable sensation for birds, prompting them to quickly flee the area.

One notable feature of WALL-B is its ability to employ two different laser emission technologies. This versatility allows users to choose the most suitable method based on their specific needs, effectively avoiding bird adaptation caused by prolonged exposure to a single scanning method. By utilizing a combination of laser emission techniques, WALL-B maximizes its bird deterrent effectiveness, ensuring long-lasting results.

The handheld design of WALL-B further enhances its usability and flexibility. Farmers can easily maneuver the device across their fields, targeting specific areas or crops that require immediate bird control. This portability allows for precise and punctual bird deterrent actions, preventing birds from causing extensive damage to valuable agricultural yields.

The green laser used by WALL-B is specifically calibrated to be highly effective in deterring birds. Birds have a natural aversion to green light, making it an ideal choice for bird repellent purposes. When the green laser beam is emitted, it disrupts the birds' sense of security and comfort, creating an environment that they find uneasy and want to escape from quickly. The immediate response of birds to the laser beam helps to protect crops in real-time, reducing potential losses caused by bird damage.

In addition to its immediate impact, WALL-B offers long-term benefits for farmers practicing smart farming techniques. By incorporating this laser bird deterrent system into their agricultural operations, farmers can reduce their reliance on harmful and unsustainable bird control methods. Traditional bird repellents often involve toxic chemicals or physical barriers that can harm both the environment and non-target species. WALL-B, on the other hand, provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.

The laser-based approach of WALL-B aligns with the principles of sustainable farming practices. It eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, reducing the overall ecological impact of bird control efforts. Furthermore, the device operates silently, causing minimal disturbance to both the environment and neighboring communities. This makes it an ideal solution for farmers aiming to maintain a harmonious relationship with their surroundings while effectively managing bird populations.

The portable nature of WALL-B allows for its easy deployment in various agricultural settings. It can be used in open fields, orchards, vineyards, and other crop-growing areas. Farmers can quickly move the device as needed, ensuring comprehensive coverage across their entire farming operation. The convenience and versatility of WALL-B make it an invaluable tool for smart farming practices, contributing to improved crop yields and enhanced productivity.

Furthermore, WALL-B serves as an effective laser pest control solution beyond bird control. The device can deter a wide range of pest species, including rodents and other small animals that may cause damage to crops. This multifunctionality adds to the overall value and versatility of the device, providing farmers with a comprehensive tool for managing various agricultural pests.

WALL-B is a state-of-the-art handheld laser bird repellent device designed for smart farming applications. Its green laser technology and dual emission methods ensure effective bird control while minimizing bird adaptation. The portable design enables precise targeting and flexibility in various agricultural settings. By employing WALL-B as part of their farming practices, growers can achieve sustainable bird control, reduce ecological harm, and optimize crop yields. With its multifunctionality and eco-friendly approach, WALL-B represents a significant advancement in laser pest control and contributes to the evolution of smart farming techniques.

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Happy Customers

“The handheld model is perfect at 300 meters at day, I’m pretty satisfied!”

- Miller,G

“Since last year, we started to use WALL-A for our poultry farm, now we don’t have black birds now, very reliable product and service!”

- Tomas,D

“ Dealing with WALL series products is a great thing, we solve problems, bring benefit, very good cooperate partner! ”

- Bonnie, S


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