Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.


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Laser strike handheld silent bird scaring laser torch

Introducing the Laser Strike Silent Bird Scaring Laser Torch, the ultimate solution for crop farming and effective bird control. As the most efficient bird repellent on the market, this device is a game-changer. Its portable design allows for on-the-go usage, making it an ideal tool for mobile bird control in various settings.

Equipped with a powerful green laser beam, the laser torch effectively deters birds, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable crops. Crafted from durable and long-lasting materials, this handheld laser bird repellent is built to withstand the demands of continuous use, providing you with a reliable solution for years to come.

With its user-friendly interface and hassle-free operation, this bird scaring laser torch requires no assembly or complex setup. It's a convenient and straightforward solution for addressing bird control demands in different applications. Whether you're a crop farmer or seeking bird deterrent solutions in Australia, the Laser Strike Silent Bird Scaring Laser Torch, also known as a bird laser or bird blazer laser, is the ultimate choice for keeping birds at bay and safeguarding your crops.

How to effectively get rid of bird nuisance?

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Birds problems

Bird damage is one of the external factors that affect crop farming. For example, birds in rice farm are mostly sparrows. They are mainly plant foods. They like to come out for food during the day and inhabit at night. They feed on the seed grains during the emergence period after sowing. The grains of the seed grains are eaten and only the husks are left, and the rice is filled to mature The rice milk grains will be eaten during the period, and a large number of birds will directly lead to the reduction of rice production.

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B

Handheld laser bird scarer WALL-B:

- Model: WALL-B

- Laser Power: 500mW

- Coverage: 100~500m

- Power: 1x18650 lithium battery

- Application: Portable design, ideal for short distance bird control, especially airport, house, building, garden.



  Poultry & Dairy farm





  Renewable Energy

Bird scaring laser technology, also known as bird scaring laser torch or bird lasers, has emerged as a highly efficient and ecological method for bird control, particularly in crop farming. One such innovative device is WALL-B, which utilizes lasers of specific wave bands to stimulate birds' eyes, disrupting their activities and causing them discomfort, ultimately repelling them. This technology offers several advantages, including its speed, convenience, and wide area coverage.

The primary mechanism behind bird scaring lasers involves emitting laser beams in specific wave bands that are visible to birds. Birds perceive these laser beams as a threat, leading to a strong sense of discomfort and prompting them to flee the area. Unlike traditional bird control methods that rely on physical barriers or harmful chemicals, bird scaring lasers provide a non-lethal and eco-friendly solution.

The effectiveness of bird scaring lasers lies in their ability to target birds from a distance. These devices are typically portable, allowing for easy maneuverability and on-the-go usage. This feature is especially valuable in crop farming, where mobile bird control is essential to protect crops across various locations.

One of the key benefits of bird scaring lasers is their large area coverage. With a single laser torch, farmers can cover a significant expanse of land, effectively repelling birds and safeguarding their crops. This wide area of action reduces the need for multiple devices or personnel, making bird scaring lasers a cost-effective and efficient choice.

In Australia, laser bird deterrent solutions, including laser bird scarers or bird repellent lasers, have gained popularity among crop farmers. Australia is known for its diverse bird species, many of which can cause significant damage to agricultural yields. By employing bird scaring lasers, farmers in Australia can mitigate the risks associated with bird infestations and protect their crops effectively.

The durability and reliability of bird scaring lasers are crucial factors in their success. These devices are typically constructed using durable and long-lasting materials, ensuring they can withstand the demands of outdoor usage. Designed for ease of use, bird scaring lasers require minimal assembly and can be operated with simplicity. Farmers can quickly deploy these devices without the need for extensive training or technical expertise, making them a practical solution for various applications with bird control demand.

Moreover, bird scaring lasers offer a humane approach to bird control. Unlike lethal methods that harm or kill birds, laser technology simply induces a sense of discomfort and discourages birds from frequenting the protected areas. This humane aspect aligns with ecologically conscious farming practices and promotes the well-being of both crops and wildlife

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“The handheld model is perfect at 300 meters at day, I’m pretty satisfied!”

- Miller,G

“Since last year, we started to use WALL-A for our poultry farm, now we don’t have black birds now, very reliable product and service!”

- Tomas,D

“ Dealing with WALL series products is a great thing, we solve problems, bring benefit, very good cooperate partner! ”

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