Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.

Once you fill in this form, we will get in touch with you shortly, assess and solve your bird problem in the most effective way.


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What is the best bird deterrent

June 02, 2022 View:

Under the beautiful scenery, if it is accompanied by the beautiful singing of birds, it will make people feel more comfortable, but in most cases of life, birds seem to be constantly causing trouble to human beings. Bird nests and cooing, birds gathering on balconies, bird droppings on car windows, consuming fruit on farms, flocks of birds that bring disease, birds in airports that may be dangerous... all of this makes us want birds to only appear in beautiful forests, not areas where we humans live or harvest. So we have been looking for a bird repellent that can perfectly solve the problem of birds. After years of development in modern society, we have a wide variety of bird deterrents, such as scare crows, netting birds, pigeons spikes, reflective bird scarers, bird repellent ultrasonic and laser bird deterrent that have been widely used in recent years, so which one is the best bird repellent?

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In fact, each bird repellent has its own effect, but this is for different applications. For example, the role of anti bird spikes in house fences and other places is obvious, but it cannot be applied to larger areas such as agriculture, airports. Next, we will introduce the most suitable application scenarios of several common bird repellents, it will help you choose the most suitable one for you, that is the best bird deterrent for you:



As the oldest way of birdproofing, scarecrows are still widely used, so is it useful? The answer is yes, the scarecrow has a certain effect on protecting a small area of gardens, vegetable gardens from birds, especially when combined with some streamers, reflective materials, etc., it can not only prevent birds from entering, but also has a lot of Great fun.

Application: small gardens within a few square meters, etc.

Bird netting:


In recent years, bird netting have been widely used in agriculture, orchards. There are also balcony pigeon net. Its effectiveness is reflected in that it can completely isolate the contact between birds and fruit trees, making it impossible to approach the fruit, thereby achieving the effect of expelling birds and protecting the fruit. As long as the bird repellent net is equipped, the effectiveness can achieve 100%, but because the use of the bird netting needs to completely cover the protected objects, the workload is large, and if the orchard area is large, the overall cost is high. At the same time, it is not suitable for bird repelling in open areas such as airports, building surrounding , and large farmlands. In addition, studies have shown that bird netting can cause the death of a certain number of birds.

Application: small area of farmland, garden, inside the roof of buildings, etc.

Bird spikes:

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Bird spikes can be targeted not only on the ridges, edges or fences of buildings where birds often gather. They are highly targeted and can effectively stop bird gatherings, but they are difficult to use on large roofs and other open areas.

Application: residential areas, private houses, etc.

Ultrasonic bird repellent:

Ultrasound is used to expel insects, birds, mice and some large animals. Due to different products, it is difficult to evaluate the effect. The ultrasonic bird repellent for deterring birds usually emits sharp sounds, or cooperates with the calls of eagles and other animals. The noise emitted during use may have a certain impact on the health of humans or animals.

Application: gardens, houses or small orchards, etc.

Laser bird repellent:

Laser bird repellent.jpg

Laser bird repellers usually have two models, automatic and hand-held, which are used for bird repelling in different applications. The automatic laser bird repeller is suitable for large and open scenes without human beings on duty, such as large-scale orchards, farmland, livestock farms, fish ponds, airports, solar fields, etc. The hand-held bird repeller is suitable for mobile work, such as The chasing of wild animals, pigeons, geese and other animals around the house, and the bird control work at the airport, it can be used as daily bird repelling tools. Because the laser bird repellent uses vision to keep bird away, the efficiency is high, and it will not generate noise, meanwhile it will not cause harm to birds.

Application: Bird repelling in large or open areas such as agriculture, aquaculture, livestock animal farm, solar roofs, solar farms, airports, orchards, etc.

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